31-AUG-2023   Admission Notice For M.Sc. Chemistry 2023-24 last date 10-09-2023       7-AUG-2023   5th Admission List For B.A./B.Com/B.Sc/M.A./PGDCA 1st,Session 2023-24         1-AUG-2023   4th Admission List For B.A./B.Com/B.Sc/M.A./PGDCA 1st,Session 2023-24         22-JULY-2023   3rd Admission List For M.A../PGDCA 1st,Session 2023-24         19-JULY-2023   3rd Admission List For BA, B.com, B.sc Ist year Session 2023-24         14-JULY-2023   Admission Notice For B.A. Part-2 session 2023-24       13-JULY-2023   Second Admission List PG Class (M.A. I & PGDCA) 2023-24         12-JULY-2023   Admission Notice For B.Com Part-2 session 2023-24       12-JULY-2023   Admission Notice For B.Sc. Part-2 (Bio & Maths) Session 2023-24       8-JULY-2023   2nd Admission List For BA, B.com, B.sc Ist year Session 2023-24         6-JULY-2023   Admission List For PGDCA & MA Ist sem Political Science 2023-24         26-JUNE-2023   First Admission List for B.A./B.Com/B.Sc (Bio & Maths) Ist yera 2023-24         23-JUNE-2023   Admission Notice for PG M.A. I sem (Poltical Science) & PGDCA I Sem       18-MAY-2023   Post Matric Scholarship Year 202223 Notice of Aadhaar Seeding.       18-MAY-2023   Notice of institution change, course change of post matric scholarship session 2022-23.       18-MAY-2023   Aadhar Seending And Authentication Form post Metric scholarship       6-MAY-2023   notice regarding MA iV sem Practical examination 2023       4-MAY-2023   Time table for MA Political Science II & IV SEM May-June 2023 exam       28-APR-2023   notice regarding pGDCA II SEM DBMS & HTML Practical examination 2023       27-APR-2023   notice regarding Post Matric Scholarship portal reopen for year 2022-23       26-APR-2023   Time table for PGDCA II SEM May-June 2023 exam       25-APR-2023   PGDCA II sem Practical Exam Notice       1-APR-2023   Notice regarding PGDCA semester exam may - june 2023 form       27-MAR-2023   Post Matric Scholarship 2022-23 pending Application OBC students List       22-MAR-2023   EXAMINATION RULES FOR STUDENT       14-JAN-2023   Notice Regarding practical class for private students       10-JAN-2023   Internal Assessment 2022-23 Time Table for bA/b.com/b.sc       17-DEC-2022   application Form to be a new Voter         13-DEC-2022   notice regarding class seminar PGDCA I Sem 2022-23       13-DEC-2022   notice regarding pre semester exam for pGDCA I Sem 2022-23       28-NOV-2022   practical examination notification PGDCA I sem 2022-23       24-NOV-2022   Regarding for Semester Exam Time - Table mA I & III and PGDCA I sem       22-NOV-2022   notice regarding pGDCA practical exam 2022-23       18-NOV-2022   Notice of Internal Assessment MA 1st and 3rd Semester 2022-23       20-AUG-2022   3rd Admission List For BA, B.com, B.sc Ist year, M.A and PGDCA         4-AUG-2022   2nd Admission List For PGDCA & MA Ist sem         30-JULY-2022   1st Phase Admission List for b.A, B.COM. B.SC 1st year 2022-23         19-JULY-2022   Admission notice for B.A/B.Com/B.Sc. 2nd & 3rd year students       18-JULY-2022   first admission list m.A. 1st semester (political science) and p.G.D.C.A 1st semester year 2022-23       8-JULY-2022   Notice Regarding IQAC Meeting Date 11-07-2022 at 3.00 PM       28-JUNE-2022   notice regarding pG ist Semester admission 2022-23       4-APR-2022   Annual Examination 2022 General Instructions for Candidates       11-FEB-2022   parent - teacher meeting 15-02-2022       20-NOV-2021   Notice regarding Value added course       9-NOV-2021   Notice Regarding Post Matric Scholarship (ST,SC, OBC) 2021-22       18-OCT-2021   Regarding For Admission Growth 25-10-2021 , session 2021-22       12-OCT-2021   Notification for prerna yojana       27-SEP-2021   Waiting Admission List for (M.A, B.A, B.com, B.sc) 2021-22         23-SEP-2021   4th Admission list For BA, B.com, b.sc ist year and 3rd list for m.a & PGDCA         11-SEP-2021   Admission 2nd list pGDCA 2021-22       11-SEP-2021   admission for 3rd list BA i 2021-22       11-SEP-2021   Admission For 3rd List B.com- I Year 2021-22       11-SEP-2021   Admission For 3rd List B.sc Bio- I Year 2021-22       11-SEP-2021   Admission For 3rd List B.sc Maths - I Year 2021-22       11-SEP-2021   Admission notice For 2nd List mA Political Scinece & PGDCA i SEMESTER 2021-22       3-SEP-2021   Time Table For MA Political Science 2nd Semester 2021-22       27-AUG-2021   2nd Admission list for BA, B.COM, B.Sc 1st year 2021-22 click here         18-AUG-2021   Admission Notice Regarding MA & PGDCA I Sem 2021-22       10-AUG-2021   Time - Table For PGDCA 2nd SEM 2021       2-AUG-2021   Admission Open Link for Online Admission portal         27-JULY-2021   Notification Regarding Online Semester Exam from May-June 2021       27-JULY-2021   PGDCA iI sem (Political science) Internal Exam regarding       26-JULY-2021   Notice Regarding m.a. iI sem (Political science) Internal Exam       23-JUNE-2021   Question Paper For Annual Exam 2021 click here         14-JUNE-2021   Notice Regarding answer sheet submission       14-JUNE-2021   notice regarding revised time for exam 2021       12-JUNE-2021   One day webinar on 'Machine Learning Concepts and Pandemic Covid 19 ' is going to organized by the department of PGDCA at Govt.NRM Girls College Dhamtari on Monday 14/06/2021 from 12.00 pm .       11-JUNE-2021   notice regarding Answersheet distribution       25-MAY-2021   Time-Table for Annual Exam 2021       20-MAY-2021   Inviting parents to attend the parent-teacher association meeting       18-MAY-2021   Time Table for 1st Semester M.A. & PGDCA Exam 2021       18-MAY-2021   Exam 2021 Notification for Yearly and Semester Examination of Graduation and Post Graduation ,       18-MAY-2021   Answer sheet Cover Page for Annual / Semester Exam 2020-2021       13-MAY-2021   One day webinar on " Human Rights and International Law "is going to organized by the department of political science on 17/05/2021 from 01.00 pm.Register here https://forms.gle/vjPTWkUoN5UywWVn7       28-APR-2021   webinar on : medicinal plants with special reference to chhattisgarh Date 01/05/2021       24-FEB-2021   अतिथि व्याख्याता नियुक्ति विज्ञापन.       16-FEB-2021   एम ए एवं pgdca के सेमेस्टर परीक्षा आवेदन संबंधी सूचना       1-FEB-2021   पोस्ट मेट्रिक छात्रवित्ति के KYC रिपोर्ट में हस्ताक्षर करने की सूचना.       1-JAN-2021   पोस्ट मेट्रिक छात्रवृत्ति की तिथि में वृद्धि की सुचना      
International Day of Yoga
Date: 21-06-2019

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